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Analyses with the Morris Water Maze Test

I was recently asked what sorts of analyses are done with the Morris Water Maze test. I've extracted the following from the Water Maze Analysis module in the HVS Image 2013 software, and I'm interested to know about any analyses people are using or can recommend in addition to these:
  • Corridor Test (derived from Wishaw Corridor Test but handles any start point to any platform position and normalises the result to allow for different corridor areas)
  • Cone Test
  • Path Ratio
  • Pool Circling
  • Blokland Quads
  • Kelly Test 
  • Close passes to platform location / Time to first close encounter
  • Thigmotaxis
  • Gallagher Measures (e.g. Gallagher Proximity Measure, Gallagher Cumulative Measure)
  • Quad Entries
  • Path Efficiency Ratio (actual path length / direct path length)
  • Blokland Measure (% time in quadrants exceeding time in the outer thigmotaxis band)
  • Time-bins
  • Gallagher by Segment
  • Speed vs Time
  • Percentage Time Floating (particularly relevant for mice)
  • Average Swim Speed
  • Active Swim Speed (average swim speed corrected for floating)
  • Pool zones can be adjusted to be equi-spaced or equi-area.
Users can also define their own detection areas for analysis. Data files can also be exported to other packages, including Wintrack.

I'd be glad to hear about any other analyses you are using!

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