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Where to buy Pools for Morris Water Maze

If you can't afford to buy from a laboratory supplier you may want to improvise. Here are typical third party suppliers who Morris Water Maze users have used.

  • D&D RANCH SUPPLIES, Seguin, Texas Galvanized round cattle drinking troughs, diameter 3-6ft, depth 2 feet. No drain hole. Go direct to D&D -call 1-800-292-5232 / 830-379-7340 Ask for Outside Sales.
  • STOCKYARDS We have not tested these galvanized water troughs as Morris water maze pools, but they look good. www.stockyardsupply.com
  • AQUATICECO We have not tested these as Morris water maze pools, but they look good. Fish holding tanks. We (HVS) do not supply these tanks (pools). To get more info and to order please contact Aquaticeco Shipping is extra. Delivery may be 3-4 weeks. Specify "vertical sides, circular flat bottom, inside colored light blue". )
  • Check these out :
  • TR290 Fiberglass Tank Circular Flat Bottom 24" Deep by 60" Diam. 290 Gallons
  • FT423 Fiberglass Tank Circular Flat Bottom 24" Deep by 72" Diam. 423 Gallons
  • LOOMIS We have not tested these tanks as Morris water maze pools, but they look good. Polythene water "trough" from Loomis is 74ins diam, 25ins deep, slightly tapering, so you could call that a 6ft pool, dark green, so probably good for rats.

In the US we have previously suggested shipping using Conway trucking. We recommend that pools go on a 12" sturdy base, supported  around & and mid-point. When filled to 60m (two feet) the pool weight about one and a half tonnes - about the weight of a Chevrolet Camaro.

The steel tanks often leak and may need welding.

You can have a plumber punch a hole in the bottom & fit a regular bath plug. Or you can use a submersible pump fro an aquarium store. We recommend no pipes flying out the side or trailing the floor !  You can fill with a mix of hot and cold water.

There will be more how to treat these tanks for use in the Lab on this blog in a few weeks. The alternative is to buy a tank from a supplier like Harvard Apparatus (between $10K and $18K normally) or from HVS Image (about half that price). HVS Image are also experimenting with 3D printed pools and are happy to offer  their customers the 3D source files for MWM pools to experiment with printing and modeling as they wish.

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