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User Friendliness

It is said that the biggest conceptual leap that Steve Jobs made in the early days of Apple was to recognize that high-tech devices could be friendly and once again we've seen that in the domestic market with the TiVo. Apple has made cutting-edge devices seem friendly by considering the Cuisinart, but the early HVS devices were designed to be minimalist following the philosophy that I later heard was attributed to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Looking forward for HVS Image while each generation since the HVS Image 2100 has been simplified yet made more powerful we believe that the next generation of HVS Image technology can be a major step forwards both in ease of use and in quality of data - and from that the ability to effortlessly analyse every aspect of behaviour. Part of this means that we are going against designerist fashion trends by enhancing the skeuomorphic user interfaces that made Apple and Windows user friendly rather than forcing the user to learn new obscure symbols. This isn't twee - a well designed skeuomorphic interface element uses metaphors that are easier to operate and since the screen elements will be designed for touch screen in future they need not take up more screen space than standard interface elements. This is particularly the case if they work smoothly with the Metro and Windows 8 operating system interface design standards. And of course skeuomorphic interface elements are a metaphor - not a straitjacket. It doesn't mean that we need to put wood cladding on the side of the water maze - just that we have clearly labelled buttons with picture icons and the design can work alongside custom controls to incorporate numeric input and feedback for accurately setting a value.

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