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Morris Water Maze Equipment

This is your equipment check list for running Morris Water Maze. Just print it up and work through the items to make sure that you've got everything that you need to start.


Water Maze Pool. 6 foot (1.80 meters) for rats or 4 foot (1.20 meters) for mice. If pool is galvanized make sure that it is properly primed and painted. Make sure pool is on plinth raising it to an ergonomic level.
Pool heater or provision to keep water at 26 degrees centigrade either using external heater or keeping room warm.
Lighting. Typically Uplighters illuminating rooms so that pool surface is well lit (400 lux-600 lux) without glare or shadows
Trial Start/End Actuator. E.g. a wireless radio mouse (Bluetooth may have range problems - wired mouse has electrical issues and trailing lead)
Room Divider. Get out ot the animal's filed of view. 
Cable ties. Secure the camera lead in place so that it cannot get into the field of view.
Techno rat
Pool Opaquer. E.g. Milk powder.


Tracking & Analysis Software e.g. 
Tracking Computer. USB 2.0. Ideally i7 8GB RAM Windows 8.  e.g. Panasonic Toughbook or Sony Vaio.
Tracking Camera. E.g. Microsoft LifeCam
Analysis Computer. Can be same as acquisition computer or may be in office. Use USB Memory Stick or Wi Fi or Ethernet and dropbox to transfer.
Tracking Camera Extension Lead. Typically an 8m  USB 2.0 booster lead

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