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HVS Image announce the launch of the HVS Image 2014 including Morris Water Maze Tracking at Society for Neuroscience 2013

HVS Image announce the launch of the HVS Image 2014 including Morris Water Maze Tracking 

at Society for Neuroscience 2013 in San Diego, California

1: Simple to install

Installation is the first point of contact for users, so it we've made it a simple friendly process from download or CD. The installation is a simple one click and well documented with video and a document on the CD. Most users prefer to just buy the software but HVS Image 2014 is also available as our renown Morris Water Maze turnkey system including HVS Image 2014, Sony Vaio (Laptop or All-in-one) Computer, Microsoft LifeCam Video camera, full size Morris Water Maze tank and premium service contract for four years years!

2: Easy to update

Updates are just as easy. We all know from experience that automated updates can often leave behind a trail of bad results exposing issues, and making software becomes less and less reliable and secure so we've designed the software not to need a stream of patches, but only to take an occasional, optional new or appended set of features.

3: Intuitive

We know that software is only as good as its GUI. If the GUI is not well thought out and well executed, people will have issues with using the product. But we don't believe that a well-designed GUI should hide less-than-friendly underlying structure or poor coding. Beauty must be more than skin deep and software still needs to work as expected!

4: Efficient

And we know that not only should a piece of software work as expected, it should also be efficient. Although HVS Image 2014 still works on a huge range of hardware and operating systems from the very first pentium and Windows XP to the latest i7s it is optimized for the specific architecture of Windows 8. Of course we've plugged all memory leaks, and it should works seamlessly with underlying structures and subsystems of the LifeCam, i7 and Windows 8. From the users’ point of view, the software is an efficient means to completing their jobs. The efficiency of a piece of software is tied up with its intuitiveness and we know that switching from standard interfaces and data formats causes end users to waste precious work time simply trying to figure out where features were located. This is and inefficient design choice and we value your time.

5: Pleasant, easy-to-navigate GUI

The GUI’s primary purpose is to make an end user’s job easier. We've taken the best elements of clarity, touch screen compatibility and edgier design from the Windows 8 Metro interface but removed the counter-intuitive, inefficiencies that make many users feel that Windows 8 and Metro fails the user-friendliness test - making HVS Image 2014 extremely pleasant and easy to navigate as well as attractive.  Unlike other systems HVS Image 2014 features full screen set-up and preview. Don'r peer at your experimental set up through a tiny window. See your arena full screen. It also features large screen tracking so that you make use of your camera's native video mode 100%. See clearly what is going on.

6: Easy to activate

Along with being easy to install and use, a piece of software should be easy to activate. Without a simple activation process, that software becomes cumbersome.

7: Minimum third party hardware - no third-party software

One of user biggest problems with video tracking software is that more often than not, it requires third-party software to keep it running. This third-party software need drivers which create levels of complication that most busy end users don't have time to deal with.

8: Easy to troubleshoot

No software is perfect. HVS Image 2014 is pretty darn near thought. So we don't expect problems but if there are we'll back our software with HVS Image's legendary support - enhanced and with superpowers. So if something goes wrong with the software, the computer, your lab set-up or anything else you can can email support and we'll resolve the issue. We can do everything from remote instructions to tools to remotely accessing your system and fixing your problem right there.

9: Adheres to standards

Standards are created for a reason — to make interconnectivity between applications or hardware easy. HVS has lead in creating and supporting those standards and HVS Image 2014 leads again with full XML compliance of all data and external configuration files. You'll never be locked in to proprietary standards and you'll always be able to access your data.

10: Effective error handling

Under normal situations it will never happen, but what happens when a piece of software encounters an error? Does it just go away without warning? Does it try to rectify the issue? Well HVS Image 2014 helps you all the way with normal language. If your camera is not plugged in it will tell you in plain language. If your computer is overloaded with other applications it will show you. If you run out of disc space (and our largest files are about a week of continuous recording now) you'll be told in simple words.

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