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Live from SFN 2013, Sunday 10 November 2013


  • Sunday 10:00 Mini Morris Water Maze poster session on stand 335
  • Sunday 12:00  HVS Image regalia give away. T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, hats on stand 335

  • Sunday 16:00 More free Cookies at 10am on stand 335 from "Uncle Biff's Killer Cookies" San Diego's tastiest cookies. "A chewy cookie lover's dream, with perfect crispy edges.". Free milk too. Make sure you come in time - they'll go fast!

  • And tomorrow (Monday)
    • Monday 10:00 Rat running championships. See how fast you can find the water maze platform and analyse your search strategies and other scientists using the HVS Image 2014. 
    • Monday 16:00 Have a tasty treat on us at pinkberry! (Ask for a ticket on stand 335 anytime before the event.)

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